Newport Frameless Glass Pool Fence and Deck

Our recently finished pool deck project in Newport, Sydney is a true testament to the natural beauty of a Blackbutt deck, seamlessly complemented by a contemporary touch with a frameless glass handrail. The choice of 140 x 20 Blackbutt timber for the deck not only ensures durability and resilience but also adds an elegant and timeless aesthetic to the outdoor space.

The Blackbutt deck was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, harmonizing with the coastal environment of Newport. Its warm, rich tones and distinctive grain patterns create a welcoming ambiance, while the frameless glass handrail offers safety without compromising the stunning views.

The frameless glass handrail blends seamlessly with the surroundings, allowing for unobstructed panoramic views of the pool area and the picturesque Newport landscape. Constructed from 12mm Toughened Glass and Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spigots. The combination of Blackbutt and the frameless glass handrail epitomizes the fusion of natural beauty and modern design, offering a captivating and functional outdoor oasis for the homeowner in Newport, Sydney.